Mill Street Barracks - St Helen's - 29.09.18
  • Mill Street Barracks - St Helen's - 29.09.18


    Saturday 29th September 2018

    8pm - 2am


    • History

      Mill Street Barracks was built in 1861 and is steeped in military and local history. It has accommodated many branches of the armed forces throughout its life involving numerous wars. It has been a morgue during several world wars. The barracks has links with the nearby church and nunnery.

      Throughout the latter half of the 20th century Mill Street Barracks became infamous as a site of significant paranormal activity. Given its history as a morgue during several wars, its links to the nearby churches and nunnery, and its former caretakers, the Barracks has a wealth of links with those who have passed over.




      The spirit of a gentleman know as 'Old Man Jack' has been reported to haunt this building, taking particular liking to any women who dare enter the building. 


      There are said to be a vast amount of spirits that still haunted these old barracks. Will the spirits make themselves known to you? What will they have in store for us on the night?

    • On The Night

      During your evening at Mill Street Barracks you will have the chance to participate in various activities. These include:

      • Séances
      • Glass Divination
      • Table Tipping
      • Human Pendulums
      • Lone Vigils


      You will also have access to all our equipment to aid you throughout the night.

    • What You Need

      On the night, you will be required to bring some items along with you.

      • Torch
      • Warm Clothing (the building has no heating and can be extremely cold in some places.
      • Sensible footwear
      • Drinks (hot and cold beverages will be available on the night but feel free to bring your own)
      • Your own equipment (if you have your own equipment that you want to bring with you then please feel free too)


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