Scroll down to view our pictures and videos taken from previous events to show you just what can happen when the lights go out.

Shadows in the Pews

Taken in Todmorden Unitarian Church, one of our team members caught 2 shadow figures sitting within the pews. No one was at the back of the church at the time as all team members were on the alter.



Terror 13 November 2016

Terror 13 Group Photo

Our lovely guests from our November Terror 13 event on New Brighton

St Helen's Sea Cadets

St Helens Sea Cadets

St Helens Sea Cadets

Mill Street Barracks

Mysterious white light on the photo. This was not on a picture taken just 2 seconds before. Is it dust? A fly? or Is it a spirit trying to show itself?

Mill Street Barracks Cellar

St George's Hall, Liverpool

A view of St George's Hall in Liverpool before we headed inside for our first investigation as a team.

Bernard, Ian and Simon

Co-Founders Bernard and Ian with team member Simon

Table Tipping

A groups effort at table tipping

Ian and Bernard

What is that?

Strange ball of light appeared in this photo. Team tried to debunk it but couldn't come up with a rational reason. What do you think?


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